Dr. Sean Kelly

legal counsel:
sean P. kelly, ESQ.

Dr. Sean Patrick Kelly received his Doctorate in Jurisprudence from Syracuse University in 2013 at the top of his class and with honors. He also holds a MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire, where he was president. He has always been known as a champion of the underdog, and down trodden. He is admitted to the Bar in New Hampshire.

Dr. Sean Patrick Kelly is a hybrid with degrees in Psychology, Business, and Law. He studied in China and has a strong passion for Constitutional Law. He is a strong proponent of ethical practice in all areas of law and psychology. Dr. Kelly has been described as courageous, innovative, and moral. He is a Renaissance man who believes that the world belongs to the lifelong learner, with the world profoundly changing with each passing day.