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Welcome to Manchester Psychological Associates, Inc. a group of clinicians located in Manchester, NH. We are dedicated to improving lives through the science of positive psychology. We believe that all people are born with a unique and special set of talents. When these abilities are unleashed, the individual can begin the joyous lifelong mission of developing that potential to its greatest reaches.

On the road to self actualization, obstacles may arise which cause people to become lost or confused. These obstacles may be manifested in drugs, alcohol, and/or emotional problems. We offer a candle in the darkness, a helping hand out of the cold sea and into a lifeboat. We can help you find your way back to self-actualization. We can help you chart your own personal map to realizing your life's goals. We believe that rational living can change the individual and all of his or her family members.


We are committed to the realization of every individual's vast potential. We believe that through the application of the Science of Psychology, miracles can happen. We are committed to the practice of State of the Art Psychological Theory and strive towards excellence in the practice of all mental health services.


"Applying the Science of Psychology to Ameliorate Life's Problems"